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Zaffron Kitchen

Integrated Branding

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful job you guys did with all our brands.

You have injected creativity and brought our brands to greater heights, especially in Zaffron Kitchen, a brand new concept, through development of logo, menu, uniforms, website, etc. Zaffron Kitchen is now a well known brand amongst the young families, the trendy and expatriates, who have loved and embraced the brand.

Thank you for your efforts, great service and always being obliging in meeting our requests.”

– Mr. Jarrod Seah, Director of First Gourmet Group


Zaffron Kitchen, a brand new contemporary Indian restaurant, required a full set of corporate identity collateral and website for its restaurant opening.


We conceptualized an identity that was chic and fun such as having quirky taglines printed on the serviettes and staff aprons, sticker sheet on the children’s menu, bold colours and modern typeface. We created a unique personality that is chic and fun for Zaffron Kitchen, successfully differentiating it from the traditional Indian restaurants.


The response was overwhelmingly favorable – many customers enquired about the sale of the aprons, took pictures and blogged about their experiences on their personal websites, which in turn encouraged word-of-mouth advertising and offered an additional revenue-making sideline.

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